Art Book & Hand Scroll Set (Limited Edition) / by Howie Tsui

Very thankful/amped (ampful?) to share a beaut of a limited edition box set produced by Art Labor Gallery.

Set includes:

a book (cloth bound, lenticular cover, open-chest binding) with an essay by Karen Smith (Director, OCAT Museum Xi’an), a wide-ranging conversation between myself and Anna Holmwood (official English translator of Jin Yong’s Legend of the Condor Heroes), a Retainers of Anarchy character glossary, with a contribution from photographer Greg Girard and images on various types of kooky papers.

a Retainers of Anarchy handscroll printed on ricepaper and mounted on silk.

For more information and inquires, please contact Art Labor Gallery:

Special Thanks goes out to Art Labor Gallery, Government of Canada and the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, Martin Kemble, Shasha Lui, Madeleine Cater, Karen Smith, Anna Holmwood and Greg Girard.