Friendly Fire

Through sculptures and drawings, the exhibition Friendly Fire (2012) conflates military medicine with antiquated amusements to undermine dominant narratives used to historicize the War of 1812.

Musketball!, a re-designed pinball machine anatomically depicting the torso, illustrates the uniquely destructive path of musketballs on the body, while addressing the proliferation of mediated warfare.  

Musketball! , 2012,   Pinball machine, Plexiglas, acrylic paint, vinyl, mp3 trigger and speakers,   178 x 72 x 136,   Replica musket ball,   1.3 cm dia.

Musketball!, 2012, Pinball machine, Plexiglas, acrylic paint, vinyl, mp3 trigger and speakers, 178 x 72 x 136, Replica musket ball, 1.3 cm dia.


Resembling anatomic and ethno-exotic spectacles of the era, Siamese Destiny is an anti-monument that reflects the troubled alliance between the British and First Nations. 

Siamese Destiny2012, Plastic skeletons, microcrystalline wax, polyurethane expanding foam, hemp twine, metal, plastic tubing, thread, soil, ink and oil paint. 183 x 146 x 105

Referencing the tradition of battle panoramas and satirical war cartoons, Of Malingerers, Skulkers and Dupes, are five ink brush drawings on deer hide depicting the cat-and-mouse game between surgeons and the soldiers who inventively faked health complications or inflicted self-injury to avoid battle.

Of Malingerers, Skulkers and Dupes, 2012, Acrylic ink on deerskin parchment, Installed dimensions 138 x 560 x 9